Wally Bayola and EB Babe YOSH meets the shame after spreding thier Private Video

Sunday, 10 August 20140 comments

It's like a plague ravaging the whole village as Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh Scandal video does its rounds online. If you think you've got quite enough when Chito Miranda and Neri Naig intimate video came up, you are wrong!

Yes, there is more to what we've just witnessed few weeks ago. This time around, we got one of Eat Bulaga's veteran hosts Wally Bayola caught on video (actually, the couple filmed themselves) with EB Babe Yosh in a bed scene that you would not want to even wish, it will run in your Facebook timeline. But then for others, they could be wishing to find portals where they can download the said scandal video. We don't have that here, just to be clear.

Perhaps, people never really learn about the many devastating consequences of having a video scandal. This one involving Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh could have been prevented from spreading online the Internet, if proper conduct and self privacy were valued and respected the way they should be. We mean, why would a couple film themselves while performing the private thing and then rant online for invasion of rights of privacy?

Almost sure of it, we will be seeing Wally Bayola or maybe Yosh asking for apologies from the public, sooner or later. They should have thought hard how netizens behave with this kind of material. As long as it is called a "Scandal Video", be sure to have it leaking like a river flow.

Now, be more excited to tune in to Eat Bulaga today; It looks like Wally and Yosh got a lot of explaining to do to Bossing and the rest of the dabarkads :)

Wally Bayola is a married man with kids, for the account, while EB Babe Yosh is single, as far as we know. This video scandal will surely make a big difference in the lives of both, showbiz wise or family side for that matter.

Well, sorry you did not find the video of Wally and Yosh scandal here, if you ever reached to this point of what we wrote for this hot topic of today. We simply do not condone this kind of act.

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